Re-motivate, Re-store, Re-balance

Is your motivation low right now? Is your energy depleted? Are feeling off kilter and need to re-balance?

If so, this 3-week workshop is for YOU!

Mindfulness, Practical Motivation techniques, Re-balancing vital energy through the chakra system.

Don’t wait until you hit a brick wall before you decide to look after your well-being. We all get out of balance at times.
This is a very busy time of year for most people.

We have expectations of ourselves to automatically re-boot after the Summer break.

Sometimes that’s easy and sometimes it’s just not!!! If you are feeling unmotivated and sluggish in yourself then this 3 week workshop might be the kick-start you need.

Doreen will be using Life Coaching techniques to help you to regain balance and motivation.
Lisa will be guiding you through mindfulness techniques and chakra system energy re-balancing.

Look after your mind, and your mind will in turn look after your body. Join us.

Open to men & women of all ages. Booking is Essential!

Date/Time & Venue

  • Wednesday, September 25th – 7-9PM
  • Wednesday, October 2nd & 9th – 7-9PM


This workshop is affordable for everyone, with just €60.

Deposit of €20 to secure place.

Spaces are limited so pre-booking is essential.


  • Doreen: (086) 348 3824
  • Lisa: (086) 604 4403