Doreen Mcelligott

Doreen lives in Liscarroll Co. Cork with her husband and her three children. She has an eclectic mix of interests including music, poetry, genealogy, vintage and fashion. She previously owned a clothes outlet and worked in the Heritage industry. She has always been passionate about empowering herself and others to “think outside the box” and to brave a challenge however daunting it may feel.

Doreen is now a fully qualified, accredited Personal Growth N.L.P. Life Coach with a deep understanding of the struggles people face when dealing with challenges and change. She has also studied and participated in intense personal development programs & training with SHEP (Social Health Education Project) and is passionate about enabling others to reach their true potential through the transforming process of Life Coaching. She understands from personal experience how difficult change can be and how much courage it requires to take that first step.

One of her main areas of interest is Confidence Building. Doreen believes that it is lack of confidence and self-belief that inhibits most people from achieving their true deserved potential. She is also passionate about enabling others to achieve body confidence using the “inside-out approach”. She believes that by building on inner strengths and capabilities, and by working through, and eliminating old beliefs, you can create a strong, positive growth mind-set which empowers you to embrace and learn to love your perceived outer imperfections. This in turn manifests as true inner confidence which you may previously have never felt existed.

Doreen believes that finding the courage to take the first step can be the beginning of a rollercoaster ride to a more fulfilled life which reflects all aspects of who you are inside and out.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” -- Socrates

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