Welcome everyone, I am so very excited to chat to you about my journey so far with doTERRA Essential Oils. Since becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate I can’t stop using the oils. The benefits and the results are just so mind blowing. I have been using essential oils for a decade now but they are the oils I buy from the health shop and I used them mainly for aroma by putting them on the oil burner. When doTERRA was introduced to me early this year I was sceptical, what does doTERRA have that my usual oils don’t have? Also, I was getting advice by people I look up to, to never suggests/recommend oils to people unless I am an Aromatherapist. I had my doubts when I first started with doTERRA. But with knowledge and first-hand experience with these oils I must say they are the best thing anybody can have.

Some Bits About doTERRA Oils

I learned that doTERRA oils are mainly for medicinal purposes, that’s why some oils can be ingested, whereas the usual oils i have are not edible. The reason being is because oils bought from the health shops have synthetics added on them while DoTERRA oils are pure natural oil, they are CPTG, meaning they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. The oils come straight from the plants, and each oil are sourced from their native countries, for example Lavender are naturally farmed in France so that’s where they are sourced.

doTERRA Essential Oils – My Journey So Far

I have been using DoTERRA oils everyday now from cleaning the house, easing my hay fever problems, nettle stings which i got from weeding the other week, minor cuts and grazes, for my acne, it also helps put my girls to sleep when they’re wired, my tennis elbow flare ups which I get from constantly lifting my twin babies and also, I was able to help my husband with his restless leg problems. I have my medicine cabinet in a bag full of oils.

Once I have the knowledge of what the oils are, what they are for and their benefits, it empowered me to take charge of my health and my family’s health. If you or anybody you know is interested or would love to know more about the oils don’t hesitate to message me.

Starting this week, I will be posting one oil a week to let you familiarise of each oil and what they are good for and how they can be applied. I’ll start with what I commonly use at home.

This link will show you that the founder of DoTERRA and its medical advisory panels are doctors. A lot of research has been done on these oils so I can safely say the oils are safe and very effective.

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