To All the gorgeous people sitting exams at the moment. Whilst it might feel right now that these exams are the most important thing in your life and that the outcome determines your future, take a deep breath and relax , the truth is, you determine your future regardless of how many points you get, you get to choose the path you walk, not the exams that you currently sit.

You see, you are yet to fully understand who you are and what you want in this life, you have yet to discover the capacities and the talents that lye within you.

You are yet to embark on the most amazing, challenging, exciting journey of life when you walk out into the world and discover the unique greatness that you are.

There are many things that School does not teach, it is the University of Life that will teach you, the school of hard knocks, the greatest adventure of all. School is the prelude to a wonderful life. The training ground for the basics. The real lessons are yet to begin.

When you go into the World to start your life away from under the wing of your guardians , it is the manners that you have, the compassion that you feel, the kindness that you BE, the work ethic that is your standard, the truth that you speak, the courage that you show and the love that you embody, that will determine your success in this life.

It is your values, your beliefs, your actions, that will tell of what kind of person you are.

I am an entrepreneur with many successful business, I create new adventures every day, I travel the world, I am blissfully happy, I adore my life and I have yet to be asked for my Leaving Cert results of which I passed but with no great distinction. In fact I repeated as I failed math the first time round, yet as well as being Director, Decision maker, Marketer, Seller and everything else you can imagine, I am the financial controller for all my businesses and I do it all with great ease and a very intelligent calculator.   I have never had to do any type of math that my calculator couldn’t do for me so my failing of math has not stopped me for a moment in my life, it never defined my ability as a business person, I can count money as good as anyone that got straight A’s.

Is Education Important

Yes! If someone desires a certain career and they need to get a certain amount of points, is it worth while to study as hard as you can… Yes!

But does it mean you are a failure if you don’t get the points… No!

Are you a failure, if you hate School and just cannot apply yourself… No!   It just means you have yet to uncover your capacity, you have yet to find your greatness, so don’t feel down, feel inspired, feel excited, cause school is nearly out and you can be whoever you want to be.

I have friends in their 40’s 50’s doing exams, why? …because they want to! And when you are an adult, all you need is a strong desire for what you want, a commitment to yourself to get it no matter what, and a non defeat, non-victim attitude, when you have these things you will conquer your world, your desires, your dreams.

If you get the points, fantastic, if you don’t, fantastic. This life is not black and white, there are a billion plus colors in between. Who you are is not necessarily who you will be in 5 years time, you may have new hopes, new dreams, so give yourself the gift of curiosity, give yourself the gift of changing your mind, free yourself from the Jail of having to fit in and be like everyone else. You can never be like anyone else no matter how hard you study, you can ever only be you, and that is the greatest gift you will ever have.

Do the Best You Can Do

So do the best you can and know that you can choose any path you wish, you are only at the beginning of your beautiful life and you can change your mind, change your path, change your destination as and when you desire.

If you need help, ask.  If you feel stressed, breath. If you are sick with anxiety, please know that this moment will pass and believe that you are perfect just as you are, you are deeply loved and you are completely supported.

Know that you will find your way and that this is just a stepping stone to a future so great, that when you look back, you will wonder what was it all about.  If only you could know now, what you will know then you would do it all with a lot less stress, a little more fun and a knowing that everything will be okay!

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