Today is International Women's Day. A time to reflect on what it is to each of us to be a Woman in today's world, in today's Society.

Who Are You? What is Your Message?

As Women we have a profound effect on those around us.

The following, I am not referring to profession, I am referring to you as the Woman that you are, in your home, in your community, in your relationships:

  • We are Teachers
  • We are Carers
  • We are Nurturers
  • We lead the way by example.
  • We are Strong and Sensitive
  • We are loyal and we speak our truth

Lets Unite in our Divine Feminine, lets respect each other and support each other.

Lets reach out in times of hard ship, & offer a shoulder to lean on, it is as simple as Checking in and Asking...

How are you doing today?

Let's Be Kind to Each Other & Celebrate Each Others Gifts & Talents,

Lets Speak to Each Other and of Each Other with Love & Compassion.

If we do not admire, there is still no need to hate.

If we view things differently, lets show allowance & tolerance for another's view.

When we know one is suffering, let the questions that we ask, come from Care rather than Curiosity.

The stories that we repeat, have them come from words of support & solidarity.

Women, Let's Support Women Today & Everyday

  • Who am I as a woman?
  • What do I teach?
  • What is my example?
  • What is my Voice?
  • What are the beliefs that I represent?

We have the power and the ability to change the World, it begins within our hearts, within our homes, within our Communities and reaches out to the far corners of the Universe.

Do not underestimate the power of your words and the power of your actions. For every word you speak & every action you make, creates, so what is that you are creating?

Do not underestimate the influence that you have on the people around you. Use that Influence Wisely and Watch the Impossible become Possible. We are the Magic Makers, the Life Creators, the ones who can make it all feel better with a gentle smile.

So with Love & Gratitude for all the Women that have helped you along the way, from a knowing smile to an embracing hug. The words of strength and the words of courage. The push that you needed when you wanted to give up, the hand that grabbed you and boldly said that everything is going to be okay!

We have the Divine Feminine within Us All, Lets Unite & Lets Step Forward and Create a World Where Love is the Emotion, Where Support is the Action and Where Peace, Freedom & Respect is the Governing Rule. It is all within our reach and it all begins with you.