Life Coaching is a powerful intervention to deal with issues that impact the normal running of our day to day life. Many of us are holding on to old beliefs that limit us from reaching our true potential.

The truth is that these old beliefs may not even have been ours to begin with! They may have been subconsciously passed down from our parents, teachers, or carers. “Don’t be so cocky” is one example that comes to mind. As a child we may have been excitedly confident about something that we had a talent for, and it may have been perceived as “being cocky”. A simple comment could very well be the result of lack of confidence today or fear around trying something new. Very often we are not even aware that we are carrying this old baggage around.

Life coaching can explore limiting beliefs and how they are impacting your life and replace them with new beliefs which are relative to the person you are today. Building on these new beliefs can empower you to gain confidence and ability to reach your true potential mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We deserve to be the best we can be!! We are not serving ourselves by shrinking into the background to suit others. “Be cocky and courageous”. Life is too short!!!

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