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Niamh qualified as a Marketing graduate in Cork many moons ago. To this day Niamh loves Marketing and business and has many successful business ventures with her husband & business partner, Frank. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is driven and motivated by her passion for working with energy.

From an early age Niamh knew that she was different, she was highly sensitive and would hurt easily. This she believed for many years was a weakness and she longed to be more confident and self-assured. To those around her Niamh appeared to be all of these things however, inside she had low self-esteem and worried about her place in the world, worried about her, as she saw them flaws. The one thing that she always held onto was her determination that things could and should be different, her love of life, of the planet, of people and of the universe kept her searching and seeking a different way.

Niamh has always been able to see and to feel Energy, until her early 20’s she thought that it was part of every person’s vision. When she found out that it was not, her search went even deeper. Niamh attended every course, spoke to as many healers, spiritualists, teachers that she could find. She read books and studied Energy, studied modalities, ancient practices and new age philosophy. The first part of Niamh’s journey was focused on self-healing, she took responsibility for her own happiness and well-being and dedicated every waking moment to deconstructing limitations and replacing those limiting beliefs with empowered beliefs. Her realisations through Self-Awareness and Self- Enquiry has had massive impacts on where she is today.

She became to know that her sensitivity was in fact a capacity to sense Energy and once she knew this and accepted it as an ability she was able to use it in ways that she never had dreamt possible. Niamh is a self-proclaimed lover of life, her greatest joy is derived from her excitement of living, of playing & working with the Universe, harnessing its powers and its energy to bring huge fulfilment to her life and those around her.

On her Journey so far, Niamh suffered Social Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, feelings of lack and fear, her sensitive nature making her feel vulnerable which she so desired to be free from. As Niamh progressed on her journey of seeking, she started to uncover a powerful way to transform these “weaknesses” into great strengths, rather than run from these feelings, she turned and faced them head on, rather than trying to hide her vulnerability she embraced it and showed it with no shame. Rather than “hate” herself and these negative traits, she Loved What Is and acknowledged and accepted things as they were in the present moment, Slowly, everything began to transform, her weaknesses became her strengths, her fears became her accomplishments, and her passion became her work.

Niamh is an empath, she is an intuitive, she is a believer in all things are possible and she never ever sees a problem without a solution. She walks on the side of creation and she invites those who come into contact with her to do the same.

Niamh is a trained practitioner in many modalities including NLP, Pranic Healing, Access Bars, Access Body, Kundalini Reiki Master as well as being an Entrepreneur.

Niamh teaches Consciousness on many levels and attending one of her classes is an experience that will empower you right from your very first class. You can also book for a private one to one Transformation session which will offer you an opportunity to begin your own journey of self-realisation, Niamh will assist you with gaining clarity in all areas of your life and will journey with you as you begin to take steps to create the future that you desire, all with ease and a great sense of fun and curiosity. Niamh takes a holistic approach to all that she does, working the physical body, the mind and the energy body. Alignment of all 3 gives a greater feeling of well-being, of empowerment and is an incredible foundation from which to create your future.

To receive a body treatment from Niamh is transformational in itself, you will enjoy exactly what you are willing to receive. People are left feeling rejuvenated, reduction in physical pain, greater ease in their body, relieved tension and stress, improved sleep and an increased feeling of well-being, whilst enjoying increased energy levels.

Niamh has continued to develop and expand her capacities with Energy, she still to do this day seeks knowledge wherever she can, she is currently studying with The Chopra Centre in Los Angeles though distant learning. Her journey of self-discovery is on-going and Niamh believes that one’s life is full of layers, each waiting to be uncovered so that greater truths can be revealed and greater experiences can be received.

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  • Pranic Healing
  • Access Bars
  • Access Body
  • Meditation
  • Transformation & Empowerment
  • Business Creation and Business Management Coaching

Niamh offers Personal Development & Empowerment classes if you would like to speak with her on organising a group class/es perhaps, parents and children group, teenage empowerment class, Personal Development and Motivation for Staff etc. or if you have any ideas that you believe would be of a contribution please get in touch – Niamh would be delighted to hear all of your suggestions.

Niamh is a member of BHolistic Team and offers sessions in person and on-line through Skype and Zoom.

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