Resounding Earth

Co-creation and Alchemy

Resounding Earth aims to facilitate and empower people to come to know themselves and to discover the creator within.

Resounding Earth is a collaboration, a co-creation, a joyous adventure in consciousness and the creation of sound.

Acknowledging the consciousness in All of Life we facilitate the joyful participation and co-creation with all elements, elementals and aspects of nature and the earth through forging instruments with metal and fire, Workshops, Sound Weaving Concerts, recordings and events, Journeys, Retreats, One to One Sessions, Instruments that uplift and resound the earth.

Hand, Heart, Spirit, Nature, Elemental and other energies, named and un-named, sensed but often not seen, we recognise and claim our “creatorship” and we invite you to participate and discover your own.

In Co-creation with all of life through music, sound craft, journeys and facilitation we create greater coherence assisting healing where healing is required.

“My experience with you was life changing” L.J. - Florida

What We Create

Photo: Creating Bespoke Instruments

Resounding Earth facilitate change, transformation, and upliftment into new possibilities for those who attend.

Perspectives change and open. Allowing more flow, alignment, creativity and co-coherence.

Affect change both in material form and energetically assist others with change.

What are the muscles required to facilitate or create change?
What is the one thing on this planet that people say they are asking for and yet refuse to acknowledge how easeful it can be?

Answer: Change

Is this about artisanal craft?
Is this a school of esoteric sound healing?
Is this an introduction alchemical transformation and processes?

Yes and no .

We craft sound. Sound is primordial creation. We are creators.

We welcome you to meet the creator being that you are also. Through the various workshops, retreats, journeys, classes, sessions and through the sound and music that is co-created you are offered a range of possibilities to meet your own creatorship.

Why would you wish to be a creator?

Would you like to effect the future for yourself , for your family , for the Earth?

Or are you happy to be affected and subject to the decisions and choices that others make for you?

Who is Resounding Earth for?

We offer a wide range of courses, classes, workshops and events, all of which are geared towards awakening and acknowledging our interconnectedness with all of life.

Singing bowl and instrument making workshops

Introduce and develop skills that are ancient and call forth the New. Through the process of making your own singing bowl or bell you are given given a direct experience of co-creating with the elements in an alchemical process. The instrument that you craft – a sound companion for 100ds of years to come and frequency vessel for new possibilities.

Bespoke Hand Crafted Instruments

Photo: Bespoke Instruments

A wide range of instruments, singing bowls, hand bells, tingsha bells and tubular bells as well as gongs large and small are made bespoke, by commission and through personal attunement.

People from all walks, sound healers and percussionists, contemporary musicians, yoga teachers, kindergarten teachers and those who have a meditative practice are amongst those who have acquired and commissioned instruments from Resounding Earth. Community projects and sound sculptures represent a developing area of growth. Teams of specialist makers maybe available to work with your project.
Some examples are: underprivileged youth working with copper in the natural environment of an ancient woodland – introduced to working with their hands to create musical instruments.

A 2m long tubular bell bears witness through sound at Salibury Cathedral and is available to be sounded by the public - played daily. Community gardens such as Cullerne Gardens at Findhorn and the Bundorran Community garden in Donegal as well as individuals are currently using the instruments to create greater harmonic resonance with their gardens, land and bees. This invites further research and exploration from a wider whole.

Meet the Team

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